We, Computer Users, demand the right to …

(A year ago, in Turing Complete User, I wrote that the development of the Invisible Computer results in the creation of an Invisible User. We need to keep both the term and the idea of the User alive, to insure that users — those who use a system they haven't developed — don't lose either their rights or the opportunity to protect them. In the article I only briefly mention what these users rights could be.

Now I'd like to invite computer users to elaborate and suggest points (long or short) that should be included in a Bill Of Computer Users Rights. Please participate! At the moment we need to collect varying opinions. Don't think that it's only about big issues like free software or data privacy. Demand to have a back button, if its absence infringes upon your rights as a computer user!

olia lialina, 2013-10-04)

I demand the right to